Worst Page Voting

In our ‘Worst Webpage Competition’ we could vote for 5 pages.

Here are the 5 pages I voted for:

ONE - A very funny page all about sausages. Because ‘worst’ means sausages in Dutch. The text is makes no sense and every link leads to www.hema.nl . And because of the background it’s very hard to read the text.

TWO - A bright, colorful webpage with funny dancing cat gifs and ‘Everybody Dance Now’ as background music. The background picture is distracting as hell and leaving the page is not that easy, because there are so many pop-ups.

THREE - A page with horrible, glittery pictures and gifs, that makes it look like the homepage of a 12 year old girl. 

FOUR - A page that is not really bad, but super cool. There is a game in it, where you have to click 99 circles in 25 seconds. I have to admit, I have spent some time on this page… 

FIVE - A very satanic- and evil-looking site. Everything is so over the top, that it’s absolutely hilarious. 

That’s it for now.

Laura :)

Worst Page

For the new homework I made something like the ‘WORST PAGE EVER’.

You can find it here.

I carefully chose the right gifs, the appealing colors and the beautiful music. And proudly I can say: Yeah, it’s pretty bad! 

Have fun!

Laura :)


The gifs are: Nicolas Cage, a unicorn, Rebecca Black, Miley Cyrus, Steve from Blues Clues, Harry Potter (with moustaches) and Mean Girls!

The awesome song is: “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard”, the best Lord of the Rings remix that exists.



Progress #2

I made some progress with my website!

I changed the header and if you click on ‘portfolio’ you come to a site where you can choose between ‘Photography’ and ‘CreaTe’. I put some portraits in the Photography section and in the CreaTe section you can find our short film ‘Oneiric’, which was made in context of the video skills workshop.

And finally I could fix the navigation bar! Now the website is working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Yay!

Now the site is only missing a ‘About’ and a ‘Contact’ site. 

I made a quick sketch to express what the About site should look like.


One or two small pictures aaaand some text. 

And after I finished all the sites of my website (which will probably happen this weekend) I will work on some fancy animations and stuff. 

So that’s it for the second progress post!


Laura. :)

Progress #1

Okay, now I want to document the progress of my website. Currently you can find it HERE. But I want to get a new domain for it.

As you can see it is still under construction and except for ‘Blog’ none of the links lead to another page. And in some browsers my navigation line is not horizontal (as it should be). But that will change soon! 

I have a lot of precise ideas in my head, but at this point it’s really hard to turn them into reality, because I don’t have the right knowledge yet. But I think in a few weeks that will look entirely different. :)

Today I made a quick doodle of the layout I want to have for my website:

In my head it looks better, but I think I can work with that.

But I really want a portfolio page with horizontal scrolling and a fixed sidebar on the left side. I think that would fit quite good, because by now my portfolio would mostly consist of my photography. 

I have to figure that out soon. :)

That’s it for my first Progress post.

Laura. :)


So, everyone of us knows YouTube.

The most famous video-sharing portal in the world-wide-web! It doesn’t matter what you want, YouTube has it! The latest music videos, film trailer, tutorials for everything you can imagine, cooking shows, comedy shows and a whole bunch of cute cat videos! Not only can you watch, what you want, you even can upload your own content! And the best of all: it’s for free! 

You see, there are a whole lot of positive things about YouTube. But is it possible to find the one or another negative fact? Of course!

But let’s start of with five positive things about YouTube:

  1. DIVERSITY: Just like I said in the introduction: You can find everything on YouTube! Your bike broke and you don’t wanna spend loads of money to get it fixed? No problem! Just watch a tutorial. Don’t know what to cook for dinner? Get inspiration from tons of cooking videos! What lipstick to wear? The beauty gurus will know the answer.
  2. FREE: YouTube is totally free. Sometimes annoying advertising shows up, before you can watch the actual video, but that’s okay.
  3. EASY: It’s easy to understand and almost everybody can use it. You wanna show a video to Uncle Jeff from Texas? Just upload it, send the link and he can see it!
  4. COMMUNITY: Some of the ‘big YouTubers’ already have whole fan bases and events like the VidCon get more and more popular. YouTube is growing and step by step becoming a different kind of social network.
  5. INDIVIDUALITY: Everyone can be what they wanna be on Youtube. (Except you’re a criminal, racist, perverted psychopath.) And if don’t make Videos by yourself, you can comment on videos an give opinions. Also there is this fancy thing with the thumbs up and thumbs down, if you are too lazy for writing a comment. 

Okay, sounds all fun and games.

But are there weak points about this website? Let’s see:

  1. GOOGLE: Since Google bought the whole thing, you need to have a Google account for signing in. In some cases you also need to have an Google+ account (and let’s be serious: Who would ever use that by his or her own choice?)
  2. SETTINGS: Sometimes YouTube thinks it knows you better than you know yourself and just changes its settings and suddenly there are no more videos on your news feed. Then you have to find a solution for the problem, because of course you want to see all of your subscriptions! (You’ll find the solution probably explained in a YouTube video.)
  3. LAYOUT: Every few months some YouTube-worker just decides to change the whole Layout. They present it as the best thing that ever happened, but the truth is, that it’s extremely confusing and you can’t find anything. After a few days you got used to it and it’s okay, but is this constant change really necessary? (Nope.)
  4. STUPIDITY: The stupid/ mean/ ignorant people. The are everywhere. On your Facebook newsfeed, in your personal environment. Also on YouTube they are not hard to find, they are mostly in the comment section under a video. But YouTube has these wonderful little features to fight against them: The ‘mark as spam’ and ‘thumbs down’ button.
  5. FAME: There are a lot of people, that got (sort of) famous because of YouTube. That’s cool. But if you want to become one of them, it’s really hard because YouTube only recommends you videos from people, that are YouTube partners and already have millions and billions of clicks and not videos from new and ‘small’ YouTubers.

Okay, that is my little pro/ contra list of YouTube. 

Even though I found a few negative and really annoying aspects, it still is one of my favorite websites. 

Laura. :)